Independence Day Is A Little More to Us

Happy Independence Day! Although some refer to it as just that, Independence Day, others call it the 4th of July. For many, this holiday will mark a long weekend and a celebration commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence (now 241 years ago!). You know, fireworks, BBQ’s and time with your family and friends. The word “independence” brings with it a special meaning and another sense of pride and celebration for those of us at Security First Insurance Agency. We are Independent Insurance Professionals, proud of it and the industry we support.

Many consumers know that they must have some form of insurance. Usually you need auto insurance if you own a car, homeowners insurance if you carry a mortgage and even health insurance depending on the laws at any given moment (that is a completely different conversation!). With a variety of purchasing options and many different purchasing channels, our clients realize the benefits of an independent insurance agent.

As an independent insurance professional, we are able to compare and review the products of many different insurance companies to find the right solution for our client’s need. We don’t sell cookies, so why would we use cookie cutter tactics for you as our client when offering an insurance solution? Your situation, your needs and your goals are different than those of your neighbors, your friends your vendors and your competition, so your insurance program should be different and unique to you as well.

We will work hard to make you aware of potential risks, strive to provide the most value and give you the information needed to make educated decisions about your insurance and risk management programs. Because we do work with a variety of carrier partners and we have access to multiple product solutions, we aren’t trying to fit a square peg in a round hole like some other insurance sales channels. If you ever need to file a claim, we are here to guide you through the process. If life changes, we can update your program to meet your new and developing needs. We are an independent insurance agency and we are here for you.