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We like to hear from you when there is a claim situation.  For most nonemergency claim situations, you should contact us by the end of the next business day after a claim incident. 
You will find the basic claims process outlined below:
Call us  at 303-730-2327:  Insurance policies usually have time limits for filing claims.  This is a time to verify or confirm your deductibles and discuss the amount of the claim with our office.
Report loss to authorities:  If your claim is the result of crime (vandalism, theft etc.) report it to the authorities immediately.  Please note the report number at this time.
Prevent any further damage:  You can have temporary repairs made to prevent further damage to most property by hiring an outside provider or completing repairs yourself.  Remember to save receipts for money spent and submit them for possible reimbursement.
Document the loss:  Many mobile phones now have cameras, photographing the damage is a smart way to retain evidence.  You may also consider gathering other information, such as witness names and contact information, environmental factors, location of loss, date and time, etc.